Tiberium Mod

I’m a dedicated fan of C&C, When I found that Lynix had created a mod for tiberium I was really excited. However upon checking around, nobody had seemed to of included his tiberium mod in any of the servers. So I’ve taken it upon myself to code and run a tiberium based server.

I’d like to know though if it’s worthwhile, would anybody play a tiberium server?

The currently password protected server can be found here:

I’ve already created a method of harvesting, proccessing and selling tiberium. Along with a combat system, the entites are mainly based on Paradukes Tiberium Harvesting addon. I’ve done alot of other things, including fixing the chemical sprayer, adding more gui and a help menu with tutorials.

Replies with positive/negative feedback are better than just viewing the page, if you like it. Post, if you think it’s the worst idea in the world, tell me. That’s the whole point of this post

That’s awesome.
I’d play it.

Has anybody heard of tib_canyon?

It’s a great tiberium based map, in one of my past projects cnc-gm. Our group created a few other maps such as cnc_sewers & cnc_1v1. They may be suitable for the game, I’m not really sure. Since posting this topic, I’ve not had one no (as of this reply date) so it must be worthwhile. I’ve put 14 days on it to get a better opinion.

I’d say 100% fuck yes


Having been a CnC nerd for 3 years of my life, I think this is the bloody greatest idea for a constructive gamemode yet. Now, HURRY UP AND FIX IT.

The server has been fixed, it’s currently now on Open BETA. I gotta few minor problems to fix as the tutorial menu does not currently show anymore and the cash seems to be messed up for now

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