Tiberium !


Here is my second lua realisation, tiberium (C&C3 style) !


-It reproduce itself
-Toxic Vapor emitter
-Light emittor
-Vapors can’t pass trought props
-If it’s between walls, he spawn between them
-Explosions between blue and green tiberium
-3 Sizes
-Tiberium tower!
-Tiberium radar !
-Dynamic infestation !
-Props infestation

Commands who control it :
-tiberium_max : Tiberium host limit (>=0)
-tiberium_light : Enable/disable light emitter on tiberium (0/1)
-tiberium_prop_reproduction : Enable/disable tiberium spawn on props (0/1)
-tiberium_nuclear : Enable/disable nuclear reaction between green and blue tiberium (0/1)
-tiberium_can_die : Enable/disableLe tibérium health (0/1)
-tiberium_distance_max : Max. Distance between original and new one who’ll spawn(>=0)
-tiberium_distance_min : Min. Distance between original and new one who’ll spawn (>=0)
-tiberium_scale_max : Max. size (1-2-3)

Bugs :

Todo :
-Tiberium zombi
-Refinery system

Changelog :
-Fix : Texture bug
-Fix : Tiberium tower admin only

-Fix (urgency) : Breaking Gmod (Conflict in the ZIP)

-Add : Tiberium tower
-Add : Tiberium radar
-Add : Dynamic infestation !
-Add : New models
-Fix : Some bugs
-Fix : Angle fix

-Fix (urgency) : Air respawn with green one

-Add : +6 Commands
-Add : Explosion when green tiberium meet blue one
-Fix : Explosions make damage
-Fix : Some bugs

Credit :
-Me : Lua coding
-nickclick : Models compiling (and textures?)
-Someepguy : models

Finally here is the link :

Be sure to DELETE any previous versions of Tiberium before installing this version, or there will be conflicts.


Pics are in the link :wink:

Enjoy !

O my gosh this is so cool! :smiley: gold star.

Nice work!

Does it still work with the tiberium core?

Not unfortunately, but it will work if its creator modifies his tiberium core

Not unfortunately? :tizzy:

I will be making the core work with this update.

thank you :wink:

DieHardDeus : Google translator :confused:

Does this in any way copy off blastfungas?
If it does no downloads

Lynix can you make it where the tib will be destroyed after so much damage.

Using so much light dynamics will make much player have massive FPS drop.
Furthermore do light_dynamic have one problem: Having more than one light_dynamic on one prop will only show one of the lights.

My suggestion is: Use the flashlight light entity. Using much less performance, even when it might look strange in some special situations.

Yay! Blue Tib! Gold star and download for you.

The refinery isn’t spawning. - Edit: Actually, it is better than I thought and I spoke too soon, the longer you’re in it, the faster and longer it hurts, if you go away, the effects eventually die down, I thought this was nice, but maybe the green tiberium should hurt more.

you don’t even need better models those are totally cool. :smiley:

I really like this. I would like it if you fixed the refinery though. Fixed= :slight_smile: not fixed= :frowning:

w00, now if only the tiberium turned you into a visceriod

shit, I forgot to remove the refinery

I’ve got a probleme, I see how to produce collector, but, I don’t know how move it : /

perhaps, i would make a C&C gamemode :smiley:

Or an adaptation to the life support (An other way to have energy :D)

Really it’s a good lua :slight_smile: Gold star for you my dear love :excited:

Very nice! But you should use custom models. And the crystals should not be able to die. If they did not die it would be more like the game. And if you decide to still let them be able to die, i have a suggestion. You could make them live longer, then when they reach that time they create random times they will have before dying. That would be cool! TOTAL RANDOMNESS!!!

You need a better model? I will let you use mine if that is posible for this lua. http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=314548 PM me and you get a download link for it for your lua.