I have recently been looking at the wtiberium addon for Garry’s mod… and it occurred to me that it could use quite a bit of work. Now I am not a lua programmer myself but, i did look into the files and found that a few things were missing (Warhead factory, weapons [tib sprayer] etc.). And I found my way to Face punch looking for a more “complete” version… so i ask, is there anyone willing to upgrade tiberium? Or even overhaul it?

Edit: I do have a few ideas for improving the overall setup. I guess instead of wasting time, ill post them after I know someone may be remotely interested in this porject

Might want to put this thread in the Lua section. Also, the author’s account here is Kialtia.

Done, i wasn’t sure if this would qualify for a game mode or what but, thanx

C&C stuff? If i was a coder i would help,but i am not a coder.