Ticket Expired and some other facepunch error.

I get on today for the first time in over a week and the same thing that has been happening to others is happening to me. Get on and play for 20-30mins and then get kicked off with a message saying ticket expired or something along those lines. Then cannot connect to a server and receiving the Facepunch implementation error. I saw there was another thread that was marked SOLVED… and other threads on different sites with people saying they have figured out on how to fix but the reasons why its happening and how to fix the problem do not work. I also read that if you are receiving this error you will get VAC banned. What the hell is that??? Is that true and why??? I’ve never done anything nor attempted to try anything that would get me banned. Also, I dont see how your operating system makes the difference but I’m running 64-bit windows 7. Now can someone come up with a real answer here?

It was only happening to people using hacks with their client. cough cough

This isnt a joke. I’ve never used any sort of cheat/hack whatever you want to call it. There are going to be some real issues here if this isnt fixed.

Like what?

The game’s in alpha. Problems like this are to be expected.

Not problems for the Rust creators more of for Steam cause I understand that Rust uses Steams VAC system. I come here because in that message it says something about facepunch and who not better to try to get an answer for this problem then from here… I say there will be a problem tho because I have not hacked or cheated at any point in time. The money I have spent and the hours I’ve used up playing these games will essentially be taken away for no apparent reason other then something is wrong with the system. This is so damn frustrating and I’m apparently trying to get some kind of answer that actually makes sense from a place with no answers.

Unfortunately, posting on the forums won’t give you anything helpful, man. Even if there was the potential for a helpful answer here—you’re definitely not going to get it from the forum-goers.

I suggest, if it’s a Facepunch issue, trying to open up a ticket or contact Facepunch somehow. If it’s purely a VAC issue, contact Steam (but if it’s a VAC issue, chances are you won’t get unbanned—regardless of whether or not you deserved to get banned).

It’s a technical issue, and technical issues are pretty much the most reliable event during an alpha, so I’m not sure why you feel so attached to the time you’ve spent playing. It is frustrating, but it’s a technical issue and that means that it takes time to resolve.

If it was really a simple thing to fix, it’d have been fixed already. If you’re really getting fed up, play some other game that’s further along in development, or released, that’s actually fun. I’m not even joking, you’ll be happier.

And, making a new thread has accomplished nothing. Why didn’t you use one of the existing threads? You’re clearly aware of them. Why are you so important that your thread, more than any other, is owed a reply by the devs?

How is this issue going to cause a problem for Steam and VAC? That doesn’t even make sense. The only input garry has made so far is to ask people if they were doing anything that may have caused Rust to think they were cheating. theQQ has extrapolated this to mean “this was a trap to catch cheaters,” something that is unfounded. There has been at least one VAC ban wave since then. Find me a reliable source that says this error is something that causes VAC bans or is a way to expose cheaters (and the VAC bans will come afterwards), or stop talking about VAC.

Plus, in the thread that garry asked that question in, everyone I was able to track down on Steam based on their FP usernames did not have a VAC ban, over two weeks after the thread was started. Sooooo, whoever said that is wrong, and you believed him.

I’m fine with this problem because I understand the whole alpha thing, I don’t mind errors or things that happen that shutdown the game for sometime like the whole DDOS attack thing. I will wait patiently but my problem comes with the ban. It may not be true that this leads to a VAC ban but it gets me worried when I read posts about players being banned.

I come here hoping to find an answer because there has been chatter of it and I thought I would try to get a bit more info from it. Since one of the other posts about this topic had already been pushed off into the distance with a ton of people saying you cheated/hacked and you deserve the ban and no real other information so I created a new one.

I really enjoy this game and thus the reason more joining this forum to talk about this. Sorry for saying there is going to be a problem, that is me getting frustrated about seeing stuff about being banned.

I guess I don’t know what I’m doing on here and will go somewhere else about this.

There’s a thread on this already http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1378031