Ticket Expired + Facepunch_Connector_Missing FeatureImplementation

Why did I just get this error? can’t join or play on any servers…

a lot of players(kiddies) are getting this…From what I’ve read the majority are getting this because they have installed some sort of hack on their pc.

Who ever distributes the hack you’re using never found away around it, I guess. :wink:

What? This doesn’t have anything to do with cheats or hacks.

I don’t know exactly what causes it, but an error regarding cheats would either be a VAC ban or a cheatpunch ban.

You get that error from the steam identifying server
It happens if the server is down or too much people trying the same time to loggin.
It occurs too if you have a laggy connection to the server. by the server i mean the steam server not the game server.

That’s a pretty big leap from Garry asking “are you running anything that would cause Rust to think you’re hacking?” about a month and a half ago. Note that Rust/Cheatpunch thinking you’re hacking is not exactly the same as hacking.

Without Garry coming out and saying it, or a number of people with the problem all coming forward and admitting to using the same type of hacks, it’s a little too far to go straight to hackusations.

It happens when a VAC module fails to load. This usually happens when a cheat blocks the module from loading. Since the game is looking for a response from this module, steam kicks you because something went wrong. However, it can also trip without any form of cheats. It’s kind of a hit or miss thing. If you’re cheating, it will hit more often than miss. If you aren’t, it will miss more often than hit. If you keep your game open (don’t try connecting to any servers) and wait 5 minutes, the module should reload or respond (somewhat properly) and you can connect to servers again.