Tickrate for Skilled Surf


I was wondering what is the most common tickrate for a skilled surf (surf) server and what does tickrate actually effect… (e.g… Does it effect the game performance?) I appreciate for any support.

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So I currently have mine as “-tickrate 100” but once I start up the server it says:
Unknown command “-tickrate”

Gmod surf? Didnt know it existed

Also just leave the tickrate at 66

also make sure -tickrate is in your command line if you do change it.

Yeah, gmod surf. command line? see I use Nitrous Networks to host my server so I don’t think you can change that there. I’ve been trying to fit it into server.cfg. Thanks for the help btw!

Yeah it wont work in your server.cfg. I’m not familiar with the NN web-interface so I cant help you there.

Default tickrate is 66 on garrysmod. Most surf maps are designed for 66 and IIRC the game has problems at higher tickrates (Or 100+ specifically, not sure which)

I believe having a higher tickrate makes surfing far easier (Faster / Harder to lose speed)

On NN I think there is somewhere you can change the launch parameters, you might need to set up a custom profile to be able to write the command in.

Tick determines how fast the server updates, usually in terms for surf a higher tick rate will make you go faster thus usually making it easier.

As for the tick rate to set, considering the engine gmod uses I’d use 66 if you want to go with the default that most surf maps recommend. If you want it to be a lot easier then go with 100. I’d never change from either of those as they’re both well defined in the use for surf.

Only use 64 on csgo. Also it exists, like it exists in most source games, tf2, css, and csgo. Although for most surfers they’ll prefer css as it’s smoother and doesn’t have as many bugs compared to a game such as csgo (when I say bugs I mean ramp bugs and general map issues considering most maps are ports).

Yeah forgot Gmod and other games dont use 64. Also I’ll only surf on css or csgo


Thank you guys, I really appreciate the help!

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Does anyone know what the tickrate should be for deathrun?