Tickrate / Physics

Im running a server since May 2009 now, but i have never got my server to work with tickrate 100, since people cant seem to be able to jump then. Any fix?

Also my Servers load is at 13% and the Server starts lagging like hell. How do i fix that?

Edit: Server is located at server.ultimagames.de . At ~ 500 Props it gets laggy :confused:

A 100 tick for a build server is quite ridiculous, thereโ€™s no reason to have a tickrate that high.

I thought gmod only worked up to 66 tick before it started going retarded?

This is true, at 100 tick you cannot jump properly, and the game starts dying.

Props also start to melt into the ground and bounce all over the place.

33 is good for a build server and 66 is for when hit detection is important (like deathmatch etc)

I chose 33 for now. Even though 66 would be nice because of probably faster working wire or?