-Instant crafting

-Timer based airdrops to encourage PvP strategies for epic lewt!

-Kits to get started

-Invulnerability to PvP for a short period after you die (ends if you attack), also supports new players to get them started playing without too much trouble!

-No C4 Crafting

-Great/Helpful Admins: Tele’s new players to friends, helps new players get started, etc.

-Server Events for rewards (Just for fun)

AND: -Great Community: Our players love helping eachother out, but at the same time killing eachother, cause it’s fun!

How to Connect: net.connect

ONLINE PLAYERS Peak hours vary between 12 PM till 9 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME w/ 30-45 Players online. After this time, it falls between 2-10 players.

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Also, when server wipes, we will be compensating people with one supply signal each if players have played for more than 1 day on our server. Come join before the rust update!

I love playing on this server because it has limited explosives so new players can still enjoy the server without fear of being raided. Raiding still works though as grenades and c4 are obtainable which still gives it plenty of a fun factor to raiding. The people are cool and the admin is very active. Also the compensation for server wipes is very nice as wipes are going to be often in alpha through beta.