Tidus from Final Fantasy X




Download here: http://www.ihud.com/file.php?file=030506/1146665993/Tidus.rar


This is the last release of this model for awhile. The original model was indeed messed up, but I did specifically warn that it was in fact, FAR FROM PERFECT and was an alpha. If you have problems with it this time, consider yourself warned. I removed the model from my own game and reinstalled it, and it worked.

Delete the old one and unzip the contents to your gmod directory (whatever it may be). Spawn code included.


Limited face posing is now implemented.
Transparencies now work.
If you whine about the joint on the knees bending the wrong way, ask Kliener what he thinks about this issue:


I’ll continue to work on this model, and others, but I won’t release anymore until I can get enough ready for a pack.


I hate this guy like none other, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look good. I’ll give him a whirl in Gmod.

Cool. Like I said, keep an open mind about it. It’s still pretty early.

Couple questions…

  1. Is this spawn code right?
    #Tidus” “models/Tidus/tidus.mdl”

  2. How do I get the skin working? For some reason its just showing the missing purple/black checkers right now.

Also the bone structure on his left leg (When looking straight at him) is actually backwards which makes his knee bend the way it’s only supposed to bend if your kneecap is blown out.

Your spawn code is right, I think. The textures should go in “materials\models\player idus”

Working on getting the joints right is my next task. I used a pre-made .qc according to a rigging tutorial I followed. I’ll be making my own shortly.

Well everything should be working right since the materials are in the right place and my spawn code works.

Try different directories. The one I gave is how it works on my machine.

fineally its out I love you !

EDIT: Fixed. The textures should work now.

woo lucky I downloaded it before you removed the link lol

he’s ugly but great job

The face is a bit weird. But anyway Nice job

Looks cool, but um, whats the spawn code though?

The model don’t work!!!

It keeps doing that dumbass pink and purple block thing


Alright, just looked at the .mdl and .vmt’s for the file. It seems you have to edit the filepaths and .vmt target lines to say that the material files are here:


not what they say now, which is


Remember to do the right folders, too.

Thanks for the good comments, folks. I appreciate you not raking me over the coals, seeing as how this is my first, and even though I spent what seemed like forever tweaking vertices and whatnot, I still messed up in a few places, like proper texture naming and whatnot.

That being said, I THOUGHT I had the transparency problem solved through a roundabout method, but Milkshape, while being an overall good program, dually is a monumentally buggy piece of shit. It completely screwed up the alpha transparencies (read: reversed) in the .tga files I extracted, and from reading their forums, I’m not the only one with this problem, so until they fix this, and Gods only know when that will be, I’m going to re-teach myself rigging with another program. I’m thinking Maya, because of that wicked sweet weight painting feature and the Blend Shape mode, which I figured out how to use last night for making facial animations.

So have fun with what I put out. It’s very functional if you tweak with it a bit, but it’s still a beginners job. Like I said, I appreciate any help anyone may be willing to give.

My material is still messed up.
Do I have to edit the mdl file? I looked through it and couldn’t find the lines that refer to the material.

Now I’m confused…

And what Hitman said, his knee is backwards.

Holy Shit!

You win! This is awesome! I have all the FFX and FFX-2 models on my computer. I’ve been trying to convert them, but I think I’ll just use yours.

Don’t bother. He has his materials messed up beyond repair. I even used XVI to check the material path, reset the material path, along with the .vmt’s, and Tidus is still purple and black. I hope he fixes it soon!