Tidus the Fag


Oh well


The ending makes me want to rate optimistic.

Not very funny… But i guess all the gordon vs link warvets (ha) will like it … Because it says link’s a fag.

Wow you hit two birds with one stone (Link AND Tidus).

Yep I did:smug:

Low-rez Tidus made me laugh, Along with Cammy disappearing in the water from the waist-down.

That should have been Barney drinking with Gordon. But oh well, it goes.

The comic pretty much defines what 99% of the “hero” characters in japanimes and their games look like.

In deed. The Japanese have a strange concept of beauty. If it’s not heroes looking like they just grown their first pubic hair, it is underage looking school girls preoccupied being sad. Weird to say the least.

What’s with the hostage and Mona? I realize they’re supposed to be video game characters but the hostage has no say in Tidus’ faggotry, he can’t even follow a goddamn soldier to safety. :V

Somewhere out there Ryu-Gi is raging.

Random characters. Was the Link Tidus fag connection that was the point.


I really hope so:c00l:

But really, if you think Tidus looks gay, don’t even get me started on Vaan.

Rate me gaybows.

Oh god.

Kill me.

God damnit japan

SOMEONE! Rip out my god damn eyes!!