Tie System

To help combat a typical KOS issue - “Bandits kill people to MAKE SURE they don’t have anything” - add a Ties item, made from cloth and leather. The ties restrain the person from pulling any weaponry out or from sprinting for 30 seconds. Their inventory is also accessible in the meantime. This way, if bandits do corner someone, they don’t simply have to blow their heads off to get the person’s items. They can tie them. This will reduce the amount of KOSing from bandits and make newer players a little bit less inclined to get upset or quit over such issues. Bandits can rob/mug people, not just murder them.


Bump? Would like other opinions.

I can see this being used to grief people mercilessly, and unless you make PVP impossible, bandits will continue to KOS.

And I really, really, really doubt the devs will ever remove PVP from Rust unless they completely overturn the core ideas they have decided on.

I really like this idea. I know it would make for more interesting interactions then simply killing everyone on sight. Good idea. +1

Yeah, bandits are all about sparing life wherever possible. Lol.

They’ll just use this to tie someone up so they can be more easily executed.

My suggestions added on to this, is that the tie has to be accepted by the second party, disallowing the ability to run up to people and tie them in battle, forcing a consented surrender on the other parties behalf.

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Also, I’d like to add the fact, that I’ve had to kill people many times for this reason and hate having to do so. Sometimes they’ve been hiding a gun, sometimes they’ve had nothing.

Nah, i would blast their heads off anyway, much less of a hassle and less time consuming :wink:

Well that’s exactly why there would be consent of a second party, for the surrendering party to decide if the person is someone like you or someone like me. Whereas right now, they die no matter what.

Binds should be really cheap too (if consensual) so that some people might prefer to use them over bullets (not that bullets are relatively expensive…)

interesting idea. i think the way they should work is that ties have to be used from behind the target, take ~3-5 seconds to tie them, make a very distinct noise during it, and if the target moves more than 1 or 2 feet then the tieing process fails.

with these mechanics, ties would have two uses:
A) tieing up someone who willingly subjects themselves
B) attempting to sneak up and tie an unattentive victim, which would be difficult but possible

edit: it’d also be better if ties didn’t just end after 30 seconds, but rather using the attack button while tied would cause your player to “struggle” noticeably against the ties. performing this struggle animation multiple times (equating to 30 seconds of time) would allow you to break free. since after all, a tie that just suddenly breaks after 30 seconds would make bandits just as likely to want to finish you off before the tie breaks unexpectedly.

however, most bandits are still much more likely to just kill their target anyways to ensure they get 100% of the loot, instead of whatever the target chooses to drop. i’m not “opposed” to that, but i think the game would be more interesting if KOS involved more decision making on the bandit’s part. i don’t have any bright ideas though…

So the person taps a button, lets say “P” and he puts his arms in the air? Does that mean that the other person is giving consent? It would be cool to see, like a novelty feature but I’d doubt it would be used much. Probably prisoners would be shot on the spot.

^Could add a very interesting roleplaying mechanic, taking prisoners, etc

I say binding someone should only be using 1 cloth in your action bar on a person. Doesn’t even need to be crafted.

In terms of it being a non-instant ability/non-consent this causes several issues -

  1. This put the bandit who is doing the tying a risk… less risky just to kill someone.

  2. People will only use this to “fake surrender” and then pull away and kill people, rendering the whole process of adding binding completely useless.

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I’d also like to note that the reason I think these should be 1 cloth and non-crafted, it that they can be used and decided upon on the fly. People don’t leave their house expecting to hold someone up.

No such thing as roleplay on Rust…

There must be risk involved, without it, the game would lose its feel.
However, if necessary, it could be made that when you raise your arms up, you can’t lower them for 5-10 seconds as to give your captor some time to tie you down. After the timer expires, you’re free to cut him up as you wish.

Well not really in PvP servers but there are non-PvP servers it would be great for

If this was to be added, rope should be used to lead prisoners.
And kicking should also be allowed, so that one can boot people off mountains or into the water.

“Accept being tied?”

Repeat forever unless you’re on a kinky RP server.

How is consenting to being tied better than dying? If you run, you’ll get shot. If you stay, you’ll be stripped nude anyway, so you might as well save everyone the time and respawn faster.

Idk maybe you don’t have a sleeping bag yet and don’t want to have to run halfway across the map refinding your base