Tie To Entity issue

So yeah, I’ll make this quick.

I’m making a elevator for my map, I make a group of brushes and tie it to a entity, later on I accidentally remove all the settings and add decide some more brushes (accidentally select a wall here as well, without noticing), I put the settings back and now a wall is tied to the elevator itself.

How can I “de-select” this wall from it’s … so to say group?

open the entity window and copy the keyvalues using the button at the top

with everything still selected, hit the “to world” button

hold ctrl and click the wall you want to deselect

hit the “to entity” button then paste the keyvalues back in


Hit the button marked ig (ignore group) which is located on the top bar. Then select the wall and hit ctrl + shift + w (Move to world) or navigate to the move to world option through the tools tab. Then hit the ig button again to turn off the ignore groups function.