tier 2 furnace is cool but..

If you can only place it outside whats the point.

it would be better just to keep 10 going inside while you grind other things

Or build a walled ares for it and other things

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Or build a walled area for it and other things

Yeah so any naked can take his rock, hit a tree a couple times, find 3 hemp plants which are literally all over the place, make a ladder and steal all your stuff?

That whole compound thing is a ridiculous idea and will be as long as it’s going to be ultra easy to jump in and out of these walls. It’s like putting a 4’ fence around your house and thinking it makes you safe from thieves.

If they make the walls unclimbable by ladders and able to sustain a decent amount of damage then it might work but as it is… they’re just more useless bells and whistles.

If you’re still being raided by nakeds with ladders and rocks I honestly think you need to rethink your base building.

Keep in mind, this is the dawn of compounds. This means defenses in depth. No one thing or method (honeycomb layers, walls, etc) will keep people out.

We’re going to have to use each element to strengthen the other.

No this is the death of solo players

Gary needs to add a looking for group menu and game supported clans with clan ownership if the game is going down the compound route. Also needs to get rid of ladders on compound walls and have some sort of check so you cant layer 50 of them.

Really dont like lfg menu but if you need a compound for guns/anything fun GG solo

in b4 some tard talks about hiding in the mountains or some bs

obviously aren’t aware of no build areas around the quarry / ladders

Only if nothing comes in to help us at the low tier. It may be the end of being able to compete in guns and gear with groups, yes. But that’s hardly the end of solo play in Rust.

If we get ways to progress that only help you subsist and persist (but not acquire boatloads of mats to build fortresses and armories), then there will be a niche for solo and casual players to live in the margins as nomads and hermits. If we get cool skins and such as BPs through crafting and playing at the low end, these nomads might even be able occupy the fringe of society as well, trading decorative skins and totems to less hostile villages.

If you think being a poverty hermit wearing some skin is cool and fun while you get run over by a truck then shot to death on last stand. Yeah it will be real fun, great fringe. Trading? lol have you played rust

As said above,just wall it in.

You can make overhangs to stop people from getting in easily with ladders,putting cupboard boxes in the corners will also stop people from using raid towers (since ladders,most people seem to forget about raid tower defense)

I’m a soloplayer and i play on a vanilla server,latest patch will make things a bit harder but it won’t really affect me that much.

We trade all the time in the server I play in, yes there is a risk but it does happen.

got several tier 2 furnaces placed inside

I don’t mind them being placeable only on the ground, because walling them in is easy enough, but for crying out loud make them LEVEL. It looks completely silly all tilted.

Agreed, they know how to do it because they have done it with he quarry and pumpjack

Come visit my base…

Tier 2 furnace is slow…i feel i can burn 10x the amount in the same or less time with the normal furnaces

Unless you know how to work the furnace :wink:

please explain.

If you find them slower, you’re likely not doing it right. I produced a whole crate worth of high quality metal in a couple of hours last night using the large furnace. It would have taken me significantly longer and taken a lot more wood with small furnaces.

Speaking of which I haven’t seen any information on how they work. Can you still just put 1 stack of wood and actually burn ALL the stacks of ore? If so, this is a major buff to wood gathering (good news!), as furnaces are going to require a lot less wood to burn the same amount of ore.

I had all split stacks of metal. And experimented with how many open spots i would need for metal frags. I determined i only needed 2 as the ticks dont seem to stack onto any more open spaces than 2. Waited 2 hours…had a wopping 7k in each spot…super speedy…i could have had 7k in each one of 28 furnaces in that time