Tier 3 Engineer


Decided to Photoshop a bit on this one. (Still a novice)

Neato yo, but the 3 lasers on the left coming out of the pistol look a bit too detailed/flatish; try blurring them as they get further away from the engineer to generate a 3d-like effect.

Pretty much what Crazy Knife said.

phew, I thought it was the tf2 engineer with sentry gibs on his body when I read the title

That pose looks pretty akward from this angle.

Yeah, a friend just told me about it and it really bugs me now.

That’s not tier 3 armor :v:
Besides the misleading title and the pre-mentioned shit, pretty awesome.

I didn’t say “Tier 3 Engineer with Tier 3 armor”, just “Tier 3 Engineer”.