Tier0_s.dll error?!

Hi, just today I am getting this error when I start my server, it shows twice one after another without anything else happening inbetween. "The procedure entry point “GetCrashHandlerFactory could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s.dll” It shows up at the last “Couldn’t find scene” error.

I decided to delete the entire bin folder, then update my server, therefore replacing it…and it didn’t fix a thing D= I deleted the tier0_s file, which just gave me more errors in the beginning saying how the program couldn’t load like 50 times, but the server worked (it did before, but was unstable…VERY). This time it was a little more stable, but Gmod still crashed often.

Also, when I take out and put away the fishing rod from fishingmod…I get this error which I have experience sometimes crashes Gmod and makes server unstable, but doesn’t crash =/

Bad pstudiohdr in GetSequenceLinearMotion() I believe it is, I looked around not finding much, but that it could be a model or something? Please help, this is killing me!

CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad 3Ghz
RAM 4gigs
Nvidia GeForce GT 9400 1 gig VRAM
Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit (I know I need 64 bit =PPPP)

I have installed Fishingmod, petmod and that is it today, but if anything (and I know it sin’t the problem for issue #1) is fishing mod, because my friend said he got the same error as me D= And he doesn’t have fishingmod, in fact, his server has different everything pretty much.

*Bump? =P

Try deleting EVERYTHING in your server folders EXCEPT the addons folder.

Then update.

This popped up for me earlier on both the server and the client. I think it’s Steam related.

Well, I tried making the server over again…just saving the addons, gamemodes, etc. Well…same error D=

Recently started getting this error. (5 mins ago).
I don’t have a total solution but starting the server without steam running will not yield any errors.

I got this error about 5 mins ago too.

Well, even if I don’t run Steam, I still get the error, I hope they fix this soon, it is causing instabilities =(


  1. Delete C:\srcds\orangebox\bin\steamclient.dll
  2. Start server with Steam running

OMG thank you so much! It worked =D My server is so much more stable now!

Big thx.