Tiers of silencers?

So while my buddies and i were talking and playing in game someone mentioned that it would be cool if there were silencers like the ones in the walking dead. make shift ones that would be easily craftable. Now you could have three tiers of silencers, maybe use those water bottles that are fairly scarce, drink it and attach it to the gun. this would obviously only have a few uses before it broke off. maybe 4 or 5 bullets. I’m not a gun guy and i could be pretty stupid about these kinds of things so i got the idea for the water bottle from an episode of the mentalist that just aired on the 27th of october. the next tier could be one that is a little more sturdy like the ones you see in the walking dead and they could last through a few clips and they would be cheaper then the current silencer in the game. the permanent one would be the silencer in the game now and that one would last through anything but you would make it much harder to craft. thoughts and suggestions welcome, and it is just a thought. let me know what you think!

Seems good, But i think we are seeing a trend now off players coming up with ideas all linked to the concept of ‘home made quality’.

well i mean you’re going to have to get creative if this world were to ever exist, you know? things are going to not work or be out dated or just not fit the situation so as a species new things are going to have to be made to fit situations and seeing as though a lot of things are fairly primitive in this game it would make sense that makeshift items exist and are prominent

I get the concept but a water bottle would do literally nothing, unless you stuffed it with something soft

something like cloth??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well in real life, you can use an oil filter as a silencer.

This could easily be a part you could scavenge, screw on the end of your weapon, and blast away.

haha thats just awesome

I actually just stumbled upon that last week, I was thinking about posting it and asking what people thought about it going into rust as a suppressor alternative, but it seems there was already a thread going about it, so here it is! :dance: hope it makes it in, since it really fits the theme of improvisation in the survival situation.

Edit: if and when cars come to rust, maybe you can scavenge it off a broken one, or steal it from someone else’s car. Either that, or you can find it in drops or something.