Tiger from Tomb Raider: Underworld

There used to be a thread about tomb raider models but its no longer in the list and the search is (still) broken so I just make a new thread to ask this specific model.

The tiger from Tomb Raider: Underworld (we need big cats in G-Mod!)

Please let someone be able to get this in G-Mod :frowning:

Is there nobody that wants to add this pussycat to Garry’s Mod or is this still unportable?

underworld is portable but the thing is the tiger would need animations, and no one will do it for free (unless they are really nice) plus like no requests ever get done on this website

Doesn’t need animations, it’s gonna be a ragdoll, no?

Yep just a ragdoll because if asking for a NPC it wouldn’t get done at all, not that my other requests were any succes but hey, I ain’t giving up! :slight_smile:

I support this. We need moar exotic wildlife in gmod.

If someone can get me the rigged and textured model, I wouldn’t mind porting it.

That’s the program, it comes with the main models, including the Tiger I believe, if not, there are many Download Links in that post, one of which has creatures from the Lara Croft Downloadable Game, but the main program and the associated stuff for it SHOULD contain the tiger, which will be a .mesh model.

Just checked it out. I have the tiger model and XNALara, but I don’t think the program exports a rigged model. It says the program exports a boneless .mesh.ascii which involves Blender scripts. I don’t have any experience in Blender. :frown:

Me neither :frowning: But you have the model, which is good. Maybe 3dsxripper is compatible with it? It was compatible with an MMD Viewer a long while back.

XNALara can export .obj, but it doesn’t include the textures or the skeleton. Not sure if 3d Ripper works with the model viewer, but it will rips models without skeletons. There has to be a way to export the model with bones. I mean, XNALara is a model viewer that views models with bones, so there has to be an exporter that retains the skeleton somehow.

I hope you can figure it out man :smiley:

I can export it rigged from XNALara and upload a .max file if you want^^

There really should be some kind of converter or XNALara to Gmod, there’s a lot of really nice models coming out for XNALara that would go great in Gmod.

Oh please do. :smile: With textures too?

Not sure if the .max will work with Max 2011 though. I’ve been having issues with .max files lately.

Here you go :slight_smile:

Textures are included but i think they aren’t applied >_> or on a wrong path i dunno…i barely use max anyway.
Included a .fbx file if the .max one doesn’t work

Seems to load up in my Max just fine! Will work on it soon. Thanks.

Lol okay…weirdo max XD o_O and you’re welcome^^

Done! :3:




I don’t know how to pose tigers correctly. :confused:

The convertor works? Awesome! now, start porting the rest of the awesome models from XNALara!