Tiger I Ausf. E

Since I’m not limited to 150 props anymore, I fixed all of the shortcomings with my original Tiger. It’s even better armored than my old one.
It’s also crew served with thanks to KickassKyle for making a chat command E2. :slight_smile:

Old one:

New one:

inb4 mamba rage

Sexy. Tiger II next also gm_warzone <3


Nice, I like how the driver’s head pops out with a nice FOV. It looks kinda funny though, no protection.

Needs moar Michael Wittmann.

what do you mean by that?

Michael Wittmann is a Tiger Ace, stories say he was killed by a Firefly and it’s a 76mm o.o. I thought it’d be funny if I said needs more Michael Wittmann because it’s a Tiger tank.


Also needs more 007 (Wittmann’s Tiger tank numbers, or you could go with 205 the first number of the first Tiger tank)

Needs moar video



it’s not fully done yet, I have to rebuild the turret base and add in RO tank command sounds

Just a question, what tools are you using for the turret elevation and rotation?

The round vertical bit (near the turret bin) is on the wrong side of the turret and the main body follow the upwards line of the skirt but apart from those it looks pretty solid. And atleast it works, I can build decent looking stuff but I can never get them to work properly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I approve of gm_warzone.

I approve of this tnak

I approve the three comments above me.

I lost this tank in the hacking of sax’s US. Only thing that was lost that I cared about. :frowning:

i don’t care for the use of wheel for the treads… its to smooth… use a darker color so that you cant really see the smoothness of the tires… other than that is good

It looks bland, I wouldn’t be able to create anything close to it though.

If it does what it should, I’m happy.

Very clean, looks sharp.

looks dirty and dull. :dd stupid caps button ffff