Tiger I

I tried building a real vehicle for once. I quite like how it turned out.
It’s rusty because it’s supposed to give the scheme that it was resurrected from derelict to fight once more. :slight_smile:

Has a slow ass turret and all that shit.


Modernized version:

looks like a fat guy sat on the back

in srs buisness because you dont like shitpoasts uhhh

looks nice, server friendly, not a shitload of props. wheels look origonal, havent seen many tnaks with them. i like the barrel :smiley:



hurr version is very hurrish

vry nice, you managed to pull off a very good tiger look with very few props

Rest is great, wheels/tracks are ugly as hell.

Needs more fake treads.
Awesome stuff otherwise.

Tiger II next plox then SandTiger II :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D wat.

he’s gonna be keelin nazees


Lol modern Tiger I

ilike the modernized version the best

seems kind of bland though, adding little props for details always helps :slight_smile:

Karbine you bastard I was gonna post my ultra-detailed Tiger 1.

King tiger, now

yeah well i built mine for MP use and combat. :<

If someone else were to make this its ugly as hell, but karbine, “ITS SO COOL KAWAII <3”


Who the hell are you?

he and karbine are brosefs

LOl shut up foxton, you havn’t posted shit for ages, whats the haps?