TIGER TANK by gunski

Tiger Tank from WW2 I made in 3hrs. Here are some pictures.
(And yes, the top is supposed to be round, I know that)






And would you guys please stop commenting about the top or the sides because I know it’s not perfect!

The base is almost spot on.

The turret could do with changes:

Round instead of square
Narrower gun barrel

Still worth a gold though :v:

You obviously don’t know what a tiger tank is.
nice contraption

The turret seems far too large compared to the base, but awesome anyway.

Tiger has a round turret.

It’s not bad. I like how you can tell it’s a tiger. But what’s wrong with the side skirt thing (the sloped stuff)?
And turret should be round and smaller.

Looks like half the wheels are colliding with the Side Skirt.
but nice attempt.

Turret needs beefing up. Otherwise, nice.

Awesome tank. Great looking contraption.

As you can tell by the picture posted several posts up

And just as I said in my first post

The tiger has a round turrent and the barrel is too wide

I know perfectly well what a tiger tank is, and althought this contraption is close, there is certainly room for improvement

Who cares that the barrel is too wide or its supposed to be round??? this is g mod not real life

did you just reply to your post on an alt account then agree with yourself or am I crazy?

i love it (not in a gay way.)

your crazy =\

You’re the one replicating the tiger tank here.

I agree with Relf, The turret could’ve been done a bit better, and that side skirt is very messy but that looks like neglected nocollides. But it is still a very good tank.

  1. Turret can’t traverse
  2. Gun can’t elevate
  3. Wobbles like a piece of crap

PSSHH your tank doesn’t even look like a tank.

General shape is ok, but it looks a bit sloppy and lacks some detail. Not bad though. :slight_smile:

I like the hull, but the turret is really bad, and you made it pretty sloppy. It’s nice you’re showing the thing here, because it gives me ideas, but you can’t expect good comments on this…But i guess that doesn’t matter. Most stuff doesn’t get more than 6 comments anyway.

Looks cool ! Good job man!

Like what then?