"Till I Collapse"


Gun posing seems to be very bad, that’s not how you hold a gun.

Okay choice of map, though you shouldn’t spam in-game blood.

Maybe it was a bit dark but the pose was 5/10 IMO

I’m spilling these raps?
as long as you feel them?

This has nothing to do with darkness, the posing is bad.

“Till the day that I drop you’ll never say that I’m not killing them”


Woah! calm down buddy you could have been more… smooth!

Dude, This pose would be cool, if he would hold a pistol. If you have this saved, then try it with a pistol!

I’d rate 7/10

I’ll just put this straight.
If you held a heavy machine gun like that, it would either break your wrist and/or fly outa your hands.
Too much blood, he would be very loopy or dead with that much lost.
Look at some reference pictures next time. Cool idea though.

Maybe it ain’t his blood…Cause the blood’s going more to the side…

Thanks i will make another just for you!!!

calm down? when did it seem that he was angered? Don’t be suprised when someone tells the truth about the posing being bad.
on another note, did you just completely ignore what I had to say in the last thread, you know about not making threads, and it seems that you’ve degraded this time, now the whole thing is just blurry.
serious cc…
-css model
-blur rape
-bad color mod
-blood spam
that is all…again.


oh wait, I just checked YOU MADE THREE MORE THREADS WHEN I WAS AWAY!? what the hell man?I feel totally shafted.

If you hate/dislike so much my work you should simply quit from my threads,

It will kill you being nice sometimes?

I don’t have to sugar coat things, I’m just being honest.

What if my pose was bad?

nobody is perfect so stop bitching!!!

Look, if you don’t want criticism on your poses, don’t post them. Simple as that.

i want criticism, the only thing i dont want is thoug comments such as “the pose was shit” and if you gonna say “the pose was bad” at least put a reason!

See? Zerax already did say why it’s bad, make sure you check your own thread before you go defending it against actual criticism besides “lol its cool”
that is all…part the third.

Dude if you hate his poses that much then just ignore his threads, geez.

Well, Egg_Toaster, The Castro has a point. He should stop whining about people making comments that hurt his little feelings and instead man up an take the criticism and work on what went wrong on his newer pictures. He’s never going to get anywhere just because HE thinks it’s good.


Also. The pose is rather bad in my opinion. Somewhat generic, in-game effects, you could at least try to help yourself by putting in some more time. Also, rather bland. Just a guy shooting? Everybody has made them once, but try to be more original. The title is somewhat misleading, as it’s also the title of a rap song. The muzzle flash and random trail of blood look weird, too. Also, the whole background in back of him is just…empty.

I might of repeated myself a few times, but still.

Thanks Egg_Toaster BTW: Funny Avatar!