Time and Dedication has created (in my opinion) one of the best server PLS GET US POPULAR!

After 70+ hours of editing loot tables, finding the perfect crafting time, and tweaking the PERFECT decay rate.

A friend of mine who has many years of server ownership experience, has made one of the best servers in Rust. (in my opinion)

The server is currently WHITE LISTED & to apply you need to fill out a 5 question application. NO VAC BANNED PLAYERS ALLOWED!

The server is based on a realism mod.

You cannot craft the follow:
Explosive Charge
M1 Grenade
Kevlar Chest, Pants, Boots, Helmet

HOWEVER! You can find these! So this makes items on our server even more valuable!

The drop rates have been edited to! So air drops, and zombie farming is a very important part of the mod.

If you want to try it out let me know! You can add me on steam. My name is rona1d +3 or you can add me at ChrisGalt@gmail.com (steam add)

Thank you so much to everyone who is willing to join!

EDIT - There is a total of 5 ROGUE admins on the server! They will not announce who they are and they will not say who else is an admin! After 50 stable players, we will add 1 rogue admin per 10 users!


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Hi this server sounds great, I added you on steam and I’d like to apply via messaging or wherever you’re like.

Please post in the appropriate forum.

Since you are advertising a server, you should use the Rust Servers forum.

Thank you.

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Hey man… Says the Rona1d +3 id hasn’t logged in for 239 days, but a Rona1d is currently playing rust. I sent a steam invite to that id. I would like to try out your server if that is cool. Please let me know where i need to apply.


I would like to try out this server as well