Time based settings, is what i want to do even possible?

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Its possible, deleting to keep the idea to myself.
Thanks for the help everyone.

They are all doable except for (I believe) the hostname change. I am not sure if you can change the hostname without a restart(?)

If you add me on Steam I will help you.

You should be able to, or at least you used to be able to. I remember Meta Construct having a script for it, though they just did it on a timer AFAIK.

hostname can be changed but wont take affect until after a map change AFAIK

You can change the host name at any time via the “hostname” convar, the scoreboard will not update until you rejoin. ( Clientside Lua function for hostname is kind of broken )

Awesome. I cant get on right now, but I will as soon as i get a chance.

Would it work if you triggered the hostname change first, and then the initial map change into the new selection of maps?

Yes it would, that is what he is saying.

Hostname can be updated at any time.

I converted global-vars in my networking addon to use my flag system. What I noticed is that when I change hostname in console or through Lua, it takes anywhere from a second or so, to 10 or so seconds for the global-var function to be called ( and then it gets networked via net message ). I’m thinking that there is some system in the engine which looks for updates at scheduled intervals.

I could add a simple system to monitor nwvar / globalvar executions and have it call a hook, which could be used in the scoreboard to update the text ( but it’d be easy enough without a hook, etc )…