Time Between Dog and Wolf

Oh look, another song inspired screenshot!


Lyrics (the first verse inspired this, rest aren’t really relevant to this particular pic, but I might make more in their style):


Click for full size.

Here’s a comparison:

Also, please don’t make this a thread about how much you hate the music. I don’t give two shits about your feelings for it, but that doesn’t change that it’s what inspired this.

Comments/crits welcome.

Yes, Chesty, comment on the composition and bad color management.
Yes, bubba, yell at me in French.
Yes, 84307854078510, tell me it sucks.



Looks good

awesome looking models

I love what you did with the fog.

Putain d’enfoiré qu’est ce que c’est chiant ce screen.
Translation : I like it, it’s well done but it’s a tad boring (and I assume that’s why you got so little comments)

18 hours without a post, that’s a bummer.
honestly it’s not a heck of a lot to look at, and the colors are kinda boring.

but even so it is still pretty neat, rated artistic

Yeah it kind of makes you feel like your use of time and effort isn’t worth of few words.

I like the atmosphere. Desolation and fog is in fact one of my favorite themes.

Things that own: this picture

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No seriously, this is fucking great. I wish we had more stuff like this in Screenshots.