Time for sleep zombie(exhausted soldier ready to pull the trigger)

Okay it’s official, i suck at isolating.
Now excuse me as i go to sleep, because i wasted all my night editing that piece of wank.
It’s 6:45am.

Personally I was expecting suicide.

The posing is superb (Yeah, superb) and I like the models. The wall and blood seem Low-res though.

It’s those damned source textures, I wish i could do blood.

It’s pretty good.

Thank you.

That blood actually looks pretty good. If you want it to look better simply increase the resolution even more.

I feel tired from looking at this pic.

Increase the resolution ? It’s ingame mate. And you feel tired because of the sleeping people in the pic.

The shading is overdone but the rest is pretty nice.

Cool work.

i love soldier and gas masks what model of they can you post link

What? English? If you are asking what model the characters are in the pose, they are MW2 Operators, search 'em!


I mean the sprite’s resolution itself.

May i have more detail on what do you mean ?

Wow, the posing is great. If you wanted to improve the detail of the wall, it will take a while but you make a selection all around the people, selecting all of the wall, then find a similar metal texture, paste it in the photo and crop it. Then, experiment with layer effects, contrast and hue/saturation to get it to look right. That’s if you’re using photoshop. Overall though it looks really nice.

I am using gimp but it’s easy to do either way.

What I mean is that if you upgrade the resolution of the sprite it will look even better making it needless to edit it in.

With Isolating, (even though a lot of pros will probably tell you not to do this.) I blur the edges a bit to make them look less pronounced.