Time for Waste Management

Hey, so in case anyone wants so minge steamids, I thought I might put them up, I will just update this as more come, so do with it what you like, but I feel that throwing it up here would help eliminate a few minges on other servers. So here is the dumpster:
STEAM_0:1:40662329 is Liam
STEAM_0:1:33130090 is Joke
STEAM_0:0:38035862 is Goat

Why not just include proof so we don’t have to ask?

If the list gets long enough you could just slip any old ID into it and no-one would notice…not a good idea imo.

MadkillerMax always looking out for others, you haven’t changed one bit you scruffy bitch

This guy spammed my server once watch out guys!


These people are minges, watch out!


(User was banned for this post ("pagestretching" - Orkel))

jesus christ man use code tags

This describes my opinions about this thread better.