Time! in Game Rust Cycle in code locks attempts

what are the setting in rust for the days in mins, and how many mins does it take for a 24 hrs cycle in rust?

can code locks use time in rust!?

further push same for code locks! 3 incorrect attempts = should be lock out the player for the time remaining in days, maybe in game time or real time of the incident…

after that any more attempts after the 3 - 5 times player is locked out for good! hmmm better get c4 bud…

if u are aware that some1 will guess your combination u can use lock on key.

talking about the key codes entering any wrong codes 3 times the most will lock out player and no more code sounds annoying , a message comes up to the player your lock out for 24 hrs entering any codes, after 5 attempts, should be locked out permanent unless code is changed! ty