Time limited Server

I hear a lot of complains about servers where some people with more freetime dominate the server. To solve this partly, is it possible to make some time limited server? Or are there even some? For example a server that is online only 20:00 - 24:00 during the week, and a bit longer on weekends. This would have many advantages for people with a limited time frame and also the actual On-time would be more intense, because the possibility to raid offliners would decrease because everybody tries to be online in the on-time without losing so much real life. What do you think about this?

I’ve thought about how nice this would be … up until I had some extra time outside of the window that I normally don’t have.

It’d be an interesting experiment to see how popular a server could be.

Maybe instead of being time limited for access, it could be time limited for raiding. Walls/doors/etc. could only be allowed to be damaged during specified times.

Some legacy servers tried this – I think they were known as ‘Purge’ servers (since the concept is loosely based on the movie). I have no idea how popular they were.

You can always run your own server and only fire it up for 4 hours a day as you propose.

dumbest thing i have ever seen