Time played help

everyone knows about UTime or Clocky but i want something a little smaller than those or if possible helping me hid their hud and porting their time into my hud, im not asking for you to make me something just lead me into the proper direction

Just make a sqlite database and record how long the player was online each time they leave. If you want it in your hud, make it so when a player joins, their time is set as a NWInt.

I just made my own version of Utime compatible with ulx Woooo, and it works on my hud thanks for the idea of using NWInt but i didnt do it because i hear it causes server lag in mass numbers

Utime is already compatible with ulx… and you can grab a users time using ply:GetUTime()…

Nick your really slow, ive already made mine and its compatible with ulx