Time stop script

Before you start yelling about “another host_timescale shit script”…

This script needs NO cheats!


This script stops time for everything in the server except you. This means you walk in a stopped time environment and everything you will touch(players you shoot, objects you pickup) will be able to move too in stopped time!


  • Stops RPG missiles, crossbow bolts, AR2 grenades, hunter flechettes SMG1 grenades, bugbaits and grenades!
  • Freezes everyone and everything BUT the one who stopped the time. The one who stopped the time will be able to unfreeze props and make other players able to move by shooting them with any weapon.
  • When a prop is flying in the air, time is stopped, then moved somewhere else, then time started again, the entity will get its velocity back!
  • It comes with a time stop weapon, you can stop time with left click and start time again with right click
  • You can use the commands when you’re either admin or when you possess the time stop swep
  • Works in multiplayer

+falco_stoptime(bind this to a key and holding the key will stop the time, releasing it will start the time again)


You will be able to enter those commands when you are either admin or if you possess the swep(which is admin only, so admins can give away the SWEP to give people time power)

Known bugs:

  • This isn’t a 100% time stop, it’s fake. So it might not stop your custom grenade or something like that.

Thanks to:
Eusion, he put the alpha version on his server to test it thoroughly.

So if there are any bugs, blame Eusion for not finding them!
(that’s a joke)


Sounds intresting, ill try this.

If you are going to allow something like this on your server, turning cheats on isn’t really a problem.

Tried it, works pretty smoothly. The only bug I found is that npcs get nocollided with props. It could be a side-effect to ai_disabled.

But besides that a pretty good job you did.

could you bind a key to falco_togglestoptime?

the only problem I can see with this is 12 year admins getting a bit too abusive (this, OMG rocket, and an antlion pit)…

EDIT: okay, this thing is what the Time Grenade should have been (IMO)

There are more problems with 12 year old admins.
Just don’t make someone admin if you know he’s going to abuse things.

I wasn’t say I would, I’m talking about basically any server with pay-as-you-go admins

I bug tested this, and it was pretty good.

By judging from the code, One of the hackiest things I’ve seen.
But still, nice job FPtje.

Someone has been playing TimeShift?

Is that a computergame?

No I haven’t, lol.

Stop time, slow down time, reverse time. In multiplayer it’s done via grenades which only effects things within a range.

Slow Time, Reverse Time, Stop Time.

Such an awesome game. Maybe an idea for future updates of this?

Also your mod looks alot of fun.

A video or more screen shots would be nice.

EDIT: is there a way to have it only stop RPG missiles, crossbow bolts, AR2 grenades, hunter flechettes SMG1 grenades, bugbaits and grenades?

I just found a cool feature with this, if you freeze time and jump from a building, no matter how far you fall, you take 0 damage!

Because if there’s time’s stopped, you will have no time to get hurt.

Litterally :stuck_out_tongue:

FPtje nice work mate.
Can you make a revert time command?
Would be frickin awesome!

Time Stop Toggle

alias falco_togglestoptimeon “falco_stoptime; unbind b; bind b faclo_togglestoptimeoff”
alias faclo_togglestoptimeoff “falco_starttime; unbind b; bind b falco_togglestoptimeon”
unbind b
bind b falco_togglestoptimeon

Pressing B will toggle the time stopping. Works. Make sure you keep the timestop mod. :downs:

Copy the code and put it in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(username)\garrysmod\garrysmod\cfg\autoexec.cfg.
If you don’t have a autoexec.cfg, go to the cfg folder, right click, make a new text document, press ctrl + a, and name it autoexec.cfg.

if you die when you have time stop it freezes the sever and you cant star time again

can you fix this please

This with the Physical bullets: Kickass!

this need to be fixed on a update

or someone else can fix it