Time- The Office (First GMOD Video!)

Hey guys! I am new to Gmod, I kinda came over from halo CE and what not and decided to try this. I am new to gmod so the posing isn’t amazing but I still thought I did an OK Job on the video.


Not bad for a first. Though you may want to try and reduce some of the lag next time.

Decent Concept, posing could use work… alot of work.

But other than that, pretty good for a first.

Interesting concept, poor execution. I’d like to see more, though!

Rated artistic for encouragement :slight_smile:

Nice job for a first. Great effort on the posing, but it still needs some practice.


damn i was expecting something from the tv show “the office” its hilarious

What song did you use, it sounds familiar, anyways the video was good.