"Time to bring peace back on earth" Bill making his Last Stand

A The Combine picture that doesnt suck ass? :moustache:
Omg C&C please.


Jpeg quality looks kinda messy in places and the way Bill isn’t looking where he is shooting is odd. Nice posing and faceposing though. If you can, try and find the link to the de-phonged L4D weapons.

Kay gonna do that.

Could do better without the red zombie eyes, but I see what you were trying to do.

Nice one Combine, I really like the shading. But yeah, I don’t really like Bill’s positioning in the image, he could have been a bit higher up due to zombie corpses or something.

Shouldn’t there be a bodygroup of a cigarette-less Bill?

I dont know. Does it exist?
I dont know about bills position tough it looked good to me :frown:
Still thanks for all your comments. :buddy:

Looks pretty good.
I don’t remember your pictures sucking ass.

They always did

Then mine are worse than getting sodomized while circumcised and castrated all at the same time.