Time to come back?

Hey, I´ve played rust about when it came out for 1-2 month with friends until we saw everything, killed everyone and build everything.
It just had no content left to explore.

I always monitor the updates and hope that something comes that brings us back.
So, I saw the Rust experimental and thought that this might be new and we can start again playing Rust.

Anyone can confirm that returning is worth it at the moment.
How can I play rust experimental?
Is it like a PTS or has it complete features where you can start playing?

any answer is appriciated.

That’s like your opinion man. I’m still playing Rust and it’s still not getting boring.

Double click Rust in Steam and click on “Try Experimental”. Just try it, you’ll see whether you can play it or not…

Seeing that you gave up after two months, I do not recommend starting the new Rust at this point or really, until it’s more feature-complete than the current legacy, which is still 4 or more months from now. It’s called Experimental for a reason.

Experimental isn’t worth it yet. I say within a month it’ll be playable. All they really need to do is add in ways to find blueprints, some more clothing and crafting, make smelting work and refine some things and it’ll be better than legacy. The building system will be great. That’s what I’m mostly looking forward to.

The “base” is there. There are damage, weapons, some basic crafting, animals, bleeding, door lock…
So, I hope that a “playable” version will be available in some weeks, maybe a couple of months. I’m not expecting to see the fully finished game in such small time, but maybe it’ll be worth playing at this point.

Problem right now is that you can almost walk into any building. You just need to hit a wall 35 times to destroy it.
Since I like the building part of Rust and not the hit another guy twice with a rock to make him die while he is afk part, I will wait a bit for sturdier buildings.

I’d suggest not yet.

Been playing for two weeks after a 2-month internship. Hackers are still here in great numbers (so, looks like VAC isn’t that dissuasive), and glitchers ruin the entire gaming experience.
I had a huge house next to Factory Rad, and overnight, we lost everything because of goddamn weinerlicking sleeping bag raiders.

Don’t start before the experimental version is finished and the update is released which will be hopefully before the next year.

if u want to play, just play. There will always be problems with any survival game, no matter how you turn on it.

At least one more month, but probably make it two, maybe even three, before Experimental Rust will be in a shape that you can enjoy it as much as you’ve enjoyed the Legacy version.

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

The game is filled with hackers. Almost unplayable…

I enjoy seeing what features and fixes are added daily including the workflow. If you like playing unfinished products, play now. If not, wait it out.

From my experience, Experimental isn’t “filled with hackers.”