Time To End This

Time to end this madness…
good bye trevor…

P.S if you look closely, its raining…!

kil me mikel

kk t

They both look like they’re holding back tears.

i cry everytime ;(


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lol these should be used for memes!

Hahaha. That was a good one.
Oh man that sure was a funny joke.
[sp]Better be a joke[/sp]

i like ou because i cant find rocket doing that avatar thing anywhere


This is some serious gangsta business. They need to take advice from boss.

(User was banned for this post ("image macro, more trolling. next ban is permanent." - postal))

lol, maybe it was!

How old are you, pal?

should that be your concern, Pal?

I suppose so. I’m just curious.

Oh lord, the antialiasing, the unrendered DoF, the image compression…


Still better than what you make torchwood

Like i said not long ago - and those people calls me edgy, yeah?

Yes you are edgy
What are you trying to prove???

You guys are not much better than me, that’s what.