Time to FIX the CAVES???

Hi guys, hi Facepunch!

It’s been a year now the problem is still not fixed. The old caves (and not those of the new procgen) are still glitched! We have banned the construction in the caves in our server to avoid any problem with looting problem, indestructible walls, chest glitched in the structure etc. At each wipe, i give myself some cupboards to block every caves that I found. All the players don’t understand, especially the newbies.

I brought some screens to illustrate my topic :



As you can see the snaptraps are floating in the air because there is like an invisible floor inside those caves. And this bug makes walls indestructible; or you can simply miss your C4 throw.

I shall appreciate if you solve that problem because I would like to re-authorize bases in caves in our server and especially stop wasting my time blocking its or kick those trolls who spamming me of “abuse admin” when I have to give the cupboards.

For many in our group, players within caves cause great FPS drops when in network radius (we’re talking 40 FPS -> 3 FPS). When starting a new server or wipe cycle, we use the RustIO map and specifically target caves to NOT build or travel near as to do so is death. The problem also happens when players are underground in one of the new dungeons.

Different problem entirely, but still shows that caves indeed need some attention.

I just hope the devs will see the post and fix it soon as possible :).

I’m pretty sure that has to do with this: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1505159
It’s not on the screenshots, but especially those caves and semi caves have lots and lots of polygons under the ground. (You can spec people in Royale servers to see what I mean)

Hmm i have a cave base and cant agree with the fps drops or the invisible walls. My fps are in the base arround 60. Playing on Rustarado

It’s for every caves. The old ones! It is in a specific area of the cave.

No, its not for every cave. and No, its not for everyone.

I see caves all the time, when I go inside them I honestly get an increase of frames.

and this “indestructible walls” thing was patched ages ago… I’ve raided a few cave bases in the last month or two and seen many youtube videos of people raiding cave bases, and never have I seen an “indestructible wall” not in the last 6 months anyway. it was a problem months ago, but as far as I’m concerned it was fixed long ago.

My crew ran into the invisible barriers just last wipe…not even shooting rockets into the spot would damage any walls around.

They probably won’t do much since caves are placeholders and will get replaced eventually anyway.

The invisible wall is where the floor should be if there wasn’t a cave there. Rockets or C4 will clip this and there is probably a cave design immune to explosives.

I experience those invisible barriers in Royale servers (might be relevant because static map) under those diagonal roofs.
Also, the placement issue might be the same as this issue:

same problem in caves for me too

and you can see through cave roof

It is exactly why we forbade the construction in caves until developers finally solve the problem !

Nice screens Sneak2, if someone have more keep posting here :).

Yeah it could be. It’s just strange that it only happens when there’s a player inside the cave. As soon as the player leaves the cave or dies, the framerate returns to normal.

In that case its not the same. The problem I’m referring to is the fact that places with rockobjects have far more polygons than are visible, resulting in stuttering when entering those areas, and probably only for lower spec machines like mine. If interaction with players is involved, then it’s something else.

I found no problem with lag or stutter in cave just placement was a problem in certain areas

and seeing through floors placed in caves

I didn’t know that bug too! Nice screens. It’s when you reach the top of the cave?

yes in certain parts of the high part of the caves if you go to sleep you show through the floor and can be looted

In some parts of the cave you can build to the cave cieling but you have to crouch to move around and your head can merge into cave roof and you can see what is above the cave

Apparently they didn’t fix the problem this week. Maybe next one?