Time to rise and shine

Really had no idea what I was doing here. Done better, but I just wanted to make something inspiring.

those blurred faces are actually pretty interesting in all honesty, it’s pretty cool

Reminds me of the Civil Protection background that boots with the Gmod main menu.
Still pretty neat though.

Intentional or otherwise, I still find it extremely ironic that you went with Male_07, of all possibilities. It’s as if Gordon Frohman is standing out from all the numerous Male_07 reskins that popped up over the years.

I think it’s a great concept well executed, though the fact that you blurred the edge of the faces makes it look more “TV-anonymous” than actually faceless. But that’s nitpicking, you did a great job.

It’s a great start, I like it! Some pointers - It would help if there were a LOT more people standing around, as the open spaces look odd and out of place. Maybe change the angle a little bit too.

I did something similar, maybe it will help you.


Good idea, and bad result. Seems like you hadn’t tried at all.

actually seems like he tried quite a bit, but didn’t think that cropping out the empty space would be in order