Time to shut up the "I don´t haz money to pay for modeling" excuse

This is a really easy program to model, with this half of the request forum will be dead in just a few hours, well, with lazy people how don´t have money to pay for Max

Now all you have to do is model something cool, export it, request someone to import it to max, add texture, import to GMOD! Enjoy your new easy modelling skills, and stop being lazy!

Please don´t delete this topic, this is just to alert people about Sculptris

NOTE: I got this from another forum

Here is the video provided on that forum:

It also produces horrid, inefficient topologies that are absolutely terrible for putting in-game. It’s a sculpting program, not a modeling program. That’s a huge difference people fail to recognize.

They already have Blender, an easy program with full export capabilities. They’re just too lazy and possibly too stupid to learn to use it.



Time to shut up the “Time to shut up the ‘I don´t haz money to pay for modeling’ excuse” thread.

First off, good game modeling requires optimization. You don’t export models with hundreds of thousands of triangles. Your game will slow to a crawl.

Second, you say “add texture” as if you just press a button and presto- amazing textures!Creating textures involves first unwrapping the uv’s which can be a frustrating process and if you try to unwrap too many tris your program will crash. Second it involves spending lots of time actually texturing and making lots of adjustments to get it looking just right.

Third, there is no “easy modeling skills.” Even with this program you still need an artistic eye. You still need lots of time, patience, knowledge of anatomy, extensive knowledge of how to use the program and all of the tools, and so on. That’s the thing about being lazy- it still takes time and effort to do anything. Anything worthwhile that is.

This takes way too many polygons. I’m sticking with XSI Mod Tool until my piggy bank has $200 to pay for 3ds max >_>

Or just use Blender. Free, easy-to-use, able to do anything the others are.

Basically boils to down to what everyone else said, it’s not a very good program for modeling for games. You are better off using XSI or Blender or saving up for Max, Maya or one of those other programs the requires money.

Also, XSI modtool has been free for like years, and yet we still have the number of threads in the requests section.

People need to understand that programs like Sculptris are meant to make high polygon models. These models are retopologized to make a low polygon model around them which is then UV mapped and the details of the high polygon model are baked onto a normal map which gives the low poly the detail of the high poly. Only an idiot would put the sculpted model in a game.

I’m pretty sure you can do all this minus the retopology with free tools. You could export the high poly model into Blender then build the low poly around that though I guess. So basically all you would need to make high quality, next gen models for any games are as follows:

Blender - Basic modeling, UV mapping, rigging, etc (not sure if you can rig with Blender actually, get XSI Mod Tool for that if you can’t).
Sculptris - Sculpting high polygon models for normal maps.
xNormal - To bake the high poly onto the low poly.
Gimp - Textures.

I don’t know what that is but I want it.

You can rig with Blender. Actually, you can sculpt with it too. And bake the normals with it. And it does have a very basic texture editor, so technically all you need is Blender, although you’d want to use the GIMP.

I have had Sculptris for a while, i like it in the sense that you can make some pretty weird and wonderful things with it, but the downside is that if you create a shit ton of Polys, your computer will just end itself…

SketchUp is also free, and while it doesn’t do organics very well, it’s pretty good.

too bad blender has probably the worst gui, aside from zbrush and maya.

SketchUp is only good for making props for your maps and shit like that.

I use Blender. It OWNS. I made a Half-Life 1 styled headcrab by recolouring the skin in GiMP and edited the model in Blender. But I forgot how I did it. :smith:

What Format is it to Blender?
how do i import Things from Gmod Or That?

You can also make brushes and stuff and export them to Hammer.

Really? I prefer it to 3DS, mainly because of the UI. To each his own I suppose.

Blender can do rigging and export to SMD with a script.
Importing rigs is another matter. The current SMD import script severely wrecks animation rigs.
The script writers sound like they are waiting for the next beta release to do their rewrite.

As for the GUI… It is just something you have to get familiar with. Its no worse/better than Max.
There are things Blender does better that I wish Max could do, and vice-versa.
But if you keep bouncing back and forth between the two, you will go insane…
Pick one, stick with it, become proficient.