Time to Split! TimeSplitters model ripping

That’s it, on this pack there are all the weapons I could get from the map editor of TimeSplitters 2 from GC (no first person models).

They are on .obj format with all the textures DXRipper got (you must apply them again, but its easy though)


TS 2 Character pack 1 (Includes Cortez, Hart and Viola, sorry for not to upload a pic):


http://www.sendspace.com/file/6o9juw (Alternate link)

TS 2 Character pack 2 (Includes all the main characters from each era and monkey excluding Hart, Cortez and Viola).


http://www.sendspace.com/file/y9fsrn (Alternate link)

Here are some pics (included on the pack too)


Silencer Gun



Now is time to try get all the characters (If you have a request tell me) but bear in mind that I have the game without a 100% game save, so I don’t have all the characters.

At the moment will be only TS2 related, because TS3 still needs to work on the emulator.

Wow, awesome. I think you’re the first to rip from Timesplitters.

That link goes nowhere.

Jo-beth casey.

You know you want to.

Not too keen on the weapons, tho the ragdolls will be put to greater use.

Oh. My. Days.

Fuck porting the shitty weapons - get doing the characters!

It doesnt work? weird, for me it worked well…

Anyways, I uploaded it to another place: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nt379a

Also, first weapons because some of them are cooler to be as a SWEP I think and they’re easy to port as props.

Now I’m with the characters, keep the request coming.

Harry Tipper
Badass Cyborg
Duckman Drake
Undead Priest
Crypt Zombie
Feeder Zombie
Reaper Splitter
Ozor Mox

All very much needed.

Ok, before I go to sleep, take this pack, includes Cortez, Hart and Viola.


http://www.sendspace.com/file/6o9juw (Alternate link)

EDIT: If someone can share a save with all the characters I will appreciate that , Jo beth Casey doesnt appear at start.

Scourge Splitter and Gretel MK II

Ok, for the moment and waiting for someone to share a save (sorry if I’m getting annoying with this, but I need that to make all the requests, I tried finding one and no luck) here are the characters from each age from the game (that means Gretel MK-II , Harry Tipper, etc…, excluding the 3 ones I released earlier) and the monkey, here’s a pic of the last one:


Here are the link and the alternate one


http://www.sendspace.com/file/y9fsrn (alternate link)

Try this: http://web.onetel.net.uk/~cairocamel/gamecube_saves.html

Scroll down, there’s one TS2 profile there.

Oh my GOD, Thank you thank you Thank you, it is about time someone ripped models from one of THE best FPS games ever

I’m working on porting the characters into garrysmod with cairn trenor.

I’ve already got gretel and the chassis bot, I’m working on Harry Tipper right at this moment.

Mr Underwood please or captain ash, oh time for fisticuffs splended

either Captain Night or Wooden Golem

They will all come in time :slight_smile: We have 2 people working on them and rigging. Near enough all models will be done eventually. Just the less generic ones first probably

Also i need a LUA coder even if it costs money too do NPC’s and a npc spawner that comes with it so you can choose team blue red yellow or green. And toughness of the NPC

TS3 models would be good too.

hey we need a guy like you for our project. Timesplitters To Gmod! here is our website.


we have a team working on the project as we speak and it is going great however we need a person like you to help with characters as we can see you have a great talent in which we need plse reply if you would like to help obviously you will be credited for your work on our website we hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see R109 and R110

And R1-oh-Seven “I am your servant, I am you butler”
also Ninja-Monkey


So many awesome characters in that game