Time travel back to v7a

I was looking through my old email accounts and I found some screenshots I took back in 2005 with version 7a so I though I’d share them for a nice nostalgia trip.

Back before hoverballs and keep upright, we made ships the real way! With well balanced thrusters and none of those fancy thrusters from the tool gun, we put on thrusters with a shotgun!

Ahh, simpler times.

It’s a shame this is all that remains from my v7a adventures, I made many contraptions that are now lost to time.

(and explosions were always fun)

Looks cool and all, but this place hasn’t been the contraption section for a while.

To be fair though no place has, so there’s really nowhere for this sort of thing to go.

you could post it here maybe? doesn’t really matter anyways, it’s all good

It’s a screenshot from garrysmod, so it’s fine to post here.