Time traveler rule #1: Use Common Scence.


I don’t get it…

…but I want the Colt.

I dun get it.

Camera angle isn’t very interesting, mostly because the picture is so empty.

I would be happy if i got a colt.
Like chesty said, the camera angle isn’t very good.

“Time traveler rule #1: Use Common Scence.”
you apparently weren’t using any when you wrote that title :v:

like the others said, i don’t get it, and the angle is kind of blah

Still rating anyone dumb who gives you criticism, Fear?

Shoot yourself to get out…

Wait a sec, YOU’RE this fear guy I keep hearing about?

The rest of Facepunch seems to think we’re birds of a feather or something.

Looks like it

You’re a bit late on the Fear thing. It all stems from his old threads where he had lots of murder and mutilation scenes, almost on par with your rape fantasies. Most of his fame comes from a “my bedroom in Gmod” in which he has a Desert Eagle and ammo on the desk and is twirling a large combat knife in his hand.



Yeah, I post a picture about how I would be if I lived in GMod and everyone. YOU DON"T OWN THAT THAT’S NOT TRUE!!
Secondly, I’m going to tell you this for the last time. Get out, I will progress at MY pace, not at YOURS not at FACEPUNCH not even at GOD, MINE. I don’t care if it takes a month, five months, five years or five million years. I will progress at MY PACE. GET OUT!!!

I too have been compared to him with my first pose “Scout’s Revenge”
Title really doesn’t fit the picture, along with the spelling.
At least this picture doesn’t involve more blood than the French Revolution.


Flaming much?, But yea I don’t get it either o.o

That colt isn’t shitty, your spelling is.