Time Traveler takes a wrong turn


Fucking jpeg quality gets me again. At least I got superdof working this time.

The shells look awful

Muzzle flash looks kinda odd.

Not the morlocks! Not the flesh-eating morloooocks!

Do not fear, time travel initiate, no models of any Morlocks of any documented kind have been created for Gmod.

Looks like time travelling has taken it’s toll on the travellers body.

As do other things.

Sweet Ranger Combat Armor.

Other then that the shells look entirely 2D.

I love it except for the time traveler’s posing.

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Very inspiring. Very few poses here inspire me to do similar ideas.

the monster is behind him but he is shooting in front…?

I was going for a BTTF poster pose, with one leg still in the car. It looked better from a different angle, but not this one.

Yeah, I forgot to unhide a layer when I flattened and saved the image.

Probably more monsters in front of him.

What is that model ? Is that Chris Redfield ???

He looks like my history teacher.