Time update Rust 03.03

Just a quick question. I’ve read there is an update for Rust and a force wipe scheduled for tomorrow, but I’m wondering what time this happens. My group and I like to start right after a fresh start (like the majority I suppose) so we are not immediately confronted with bolts/aks while wielding our medieval weaponry. Or is it just a gamble when the update is released and I’ll just have to check for it all day long? If you don’t know the exact time but an estimate, because they usually update around that time would be great aswell.

It’s a gamble, usually between 7PM & 10PM GMT.

From now and until friday noon, somewhere there, in between those times.

evryone says 03.03 night time from we to fri is it true or lie? can someon from admins just give correct answer plz ?

Im not even sure they know exactly, they most likely have a set of goals that needs to be reached before they release the update, and if something comes up it takes a bit longer and if it doesnt, it comes out quicker. Last update was pretty early, one of the updates before new year, wasnt out until friday morning (CET). Just be patient, this isnt a lottery, it happens when it happens. Go get some fresh air if bored or clean the kitchen floor.