Time-warped construction of a fully working wood-wars tank

First, before I get flamed, I would like to strongly express that I am not a good detail-builder and my building method is not a good example to follow. I am hoping this may inspire a few of the more skilled members to post videos of their building styles :slight_smile:

This is a simple entertaining time-warp video of the building of a working tank out of all destructible wood props. The props are all from the Useful Construction Tab with the exception of the tank barrels. It took about and hour and half to build the tank, and an hour to develop the e2. I did not base the tank off an image, so you can see me make a few false starts on the construction of the tank turret and tank body. I had a real hard time figuring out what to do with the body of the tank :confused: Unfortunately the demo section where I developed the e2 and wheels was corrupt (darned source demo recorder).

Thanks goes out to [/.m] razorvoilationcherrystree and Hatred for being in the demonstration video.
Thanks to the Nodex US server, where the demonstration video was recorded.
And a special thanks to Feha for his great noCollide and weld e2 functions.

The tank:


The tank + fire:


Advanced Dupe:

Enjoy blowing this beast up :slight_smile:

I like it. Now I need to hop on the woodwars tank fad train! IDEA! A WOODWARS ARMORED TRAIN! Anyways back to the tnak. I like the barrels, but I don’t like the turret for some reason.


And why is everything grey in the video?


Thanks MacTrekkie. Ya, I think the turret could use some asymmetry, ie the front a bit different from the back. And maybe a classic machine gun up there.

Everything is grey because I was setting the material to that automatically :frowning: I thought it was going to look good grey, but the normal wood looks a lot better to me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How the hell did you make everything automatically be nocollided?

Haha. It still seems everyone is joining in on the woodwars competition! Glad to see that :smiley:

I wrote a simple e2 chip for it. You need this addon for it to work:

It helps a lot by removing the painful no-colliding every prop before placement.

@name Paper Clip Build Assist Chip
@persist Mat:string
Items = findToArray()

I = 1
while( I <= Items:count() )
    if( Items[I,entity]:owner() )
        if( Mat != "" )

if(chatClk(owner()) & owner():lastSaid() == ".set" & owner():aimEntity() )
    Mat = owner():aimEntity():getMaterial()
    print("Material set to " + Mat)


edit: Adv. Dupe added to first post. It makes a great target if you want blow shit up.