Timed Demolition/Rotation

Well if I’m understanding this right stair bases will no longer be a thing since you can only rotate or demolish blocks for 10 minutes after placing them. Hopefully we can get some secret hatches in the future.

I feel like it would be better if you had to be authorized with the cupboard for 24 hours before you can rotate or demolish period.

Most griefers/trolls won’t stick around for 24 hours just to crumble your place to the ground, and in that time you could clear the auth list so they won’t get permission after that time lapse.

Nooo! All of my bases had hidden rooms underneath the stairs! How am I supposed to have a top secret hideout in my base now?

I feel your pain, my main base has my spawn point in the basement so when I login I won’t be able to leave unless I kill myself lol.

Only way out is a rotated stair block.

Though if we could do fake ceilings/floors or fake stairs that could be raised/lowered I think I could get out.

Yeah this kinda sucks. I am ok with the demolish thing, but not being able to rotate stairs really sucks. No more hidden rooms, and if you get stuck by the stairs/doors you cant rotate them to get out.

I think it’s a logical evolution in the construction system. The option needed to be demolished but so far had a very serious exploit. I am glad that you have found a very good solution.

On the rotation … honestly, if Rust aspires to be a survival game looking into the playable realism enjoyment, I see normal that they can not move parts of a house when one is appropriate. In fact, if people want to hide and rest rooms, you can always create construction parts dedicated to those places. As doors and walls seem others. It would be very interesting.

Stair bases are now pointless since code locks are default.

Not since they weakened doors.


“Doors, window bars, pillars, low wall have less max health (same protection values)”

Whats the difference between the “Health” and “Protection”??

HP is a flat representation of the damage something can take, while protection is a % based damage reduction to further balance specific things, such as tools. I’m fairly certain this mostly just means that C4 will breach easier, but tools are more or less unaffected.

Good removal imo. I also used the hidden stairs trick, but it’s become so saturated in the past 2-3 weeks that everyone is now aware of it. It was going to be outdated soon anyway as people have started searching them out to get into the hidden rooms. I’m sure Garry will be adding some trap doors and hidden things in the future, something that isn’t so gimmicky.

So when I build a twig structure and want to upgrade it later (for example while first building a base design) I can’t rotate the parts? You can’t really tell what’s inside and what’s outside when you have twig parts… Either you need to disable the timer as long as it’s twig or there has to be another time every time you upgrade…

Ok, thank you.

Can anyone tell me where I find a website that tells me how many c4 I need to break a wall, door, iron or wood, these kind of things?

Basically people will want to c4 your doors/windows now instead of brute forcing through walls.

The timer may end up becoming a server variable in which owners can set. I’m guessing most people will want a 1 hour timer.