Timed Explosive Charge WAY too common!


from 10 books of the highest tier look how many c4 bps i get… It’s ridiculous, and broken.
Is it just my server or does this happened to all servers? Please let know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Same for me, I’m admin, opened 50 librairy, 37 C4 bp x)

I would love em!

Here is another 12…


The change JUST came out.

This is the type of thing the devs need to know about.

Really hate getting tons of bp’s that I’ve already learned, can never know if the page/book/library will yield anything new.

This is not intuitive, hoping in the future the descriptions could shed more light on what kinds of bp’s can still be obtained from each redemption option.

must be nice i havent found a fragment yet ive been playing since the second update!

So everyone has C4. Might not be a bad thing. Instead of only the big groups having it.

An hour after starting the server and everyone already with C4 and firearms.
Most epic failure of balance :frown:

what server you on im on red dawn we all are running around with bows the past 6 hrs. ive yet to get c4 im also playing on a server with a load of peeps and the loots are not keeping up with the demand.

I agree this needs to be balanced urgently, maybe x4 at least more books to make a library.

The firearms seem to be a result of guns dropping too frequently in rad towns and with too many bullets.

The C4 part is interesting though, perhaps from an airdrop.

Any word on changes? This seems like a gamebreaking issue…

Probably something for the next patch.

used 8 pages in a row got 8 snap traps in a row fix this!

You should only be able to redeem blueprints, blueprint pages etc for common and uncommon blueprints. Rare or vey rare items should be research only so you actually have to find the item first, but you should still be able to use a bp book, or bp library to increase your chances at getting said blueprint.

The solution is simple. Redeeming a blueprint should never give you a blueprint you allready have.

You guys seem to forget that radiation will be added back in soon making gathering things like this a lot more difficult. I think the re addition of radiation will balance it out more

That doesn’t fix the fact that c4 is very easy to get now… read up above, Methodiq redeemed 50 library’s and got 37 c4 bp’s, that ain’t right

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Not necessarily, barrels and loot spawns can now be found all over the map, at all landmarks I believe(even lighthouses spawn barrels) the re-implementation of radiation wont change much at all, the main problem is c4 is too easy to get now, not how hard the blueprint fragments are to find

Not sure what the Devs are aiming for. But for me C4 and firearms have always been way too easy to obtain. The recent update to the BP system hasn’t changed that yet, I can only hope that one day Rust has a decent progression curve. Finding them and using them yes but finding them as a BP or research is too easy.

If I’m totally honest I preferred the old system. At least people had to farm hard and go though a lot of barrels/crates to get C4. That said I think it needed a Major overhaul and I still think this new system has potential if they tune it right. Kinda worrying how common C4 is from Libraries, Basically no base is gonna stand for too long which is a shame.