Timed Out Error. Please Help

Every server i try to connect to I get timed out error. Connection timed out. there is no way this should be happening with my set up.
I get 80- 180 mbps down.
CPU specs Amd fx6300 at 4ghz
Ram 8gb vengeance
gpu EVGA gtx 950 sc+ at 1500 with 2gb GDDR5
HDD WD 500gb performance drive.

Please help. its every server no matter what. high ping low ping. doesnt matter. some times i get in and its like not even 2 minutes and i get a timed out error.
Somebody please help. Any tips or tricks?
I tried restarting steam and Rust.
Ive restarted my whole computer and also my internet.
I deleted and reinstalled rust.
Firewalls accept rust on both router and computer.

you are not alone…most of us just stopped playing is all, I’ve done a lot of research on this man…contacted my ISP, hosting company, I’ve talked with IBM specialists. Basically I can play any other game with no problem, but rust loses connection.

no ping problems but…boom constant disconnected…so frustrating.

I’ve isolated the problem to a packet loss situation, I think it could either be from a leak in the rust game itself to your ISP. Or your ISP censorship program is flagging rust for some reason. Fix at the moment is a new ISP sadly. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else.