"Timed out" joining certain server.

So, I’ve tried to join this server, that my friends are able to join no problems. Unfortunetly, I do have problems.

First thing is when I try to join this server, it takes like ~15 minutes for it to completely load and then just “timed out” pops up. It does lags on “Loading / Terrain textures” but Im not sure if thats even related.Anyways, it does sometimes drop this:“Disconnected: Steam: k_EAuthSessionResponseUserNotConnectedToSteam” - no clue what that means. I did tried to reinstall steam/rust, deleted cfg file, join from another user account. Nothing. Anyone got any ideas what could be the problem?

i5 4460. 4GB. 650Ti. HDD.

EDIT 2: [TerrainTexturing] Caching base pyramid took 1097.4708 ms - what could this mean?