Timed removal of ent

timer.Create("remove", 10, 1, self:Remove() )

I’m trying to make it so after you use an ent, it takes ten seconds, then removes.
It just instantly removes it instead of waiting ten seconds.

Why not use timer.Simple?

I tried this aswell,

timer.Simple( 5, self:Remove() , "Hello!", ply )

Did the same thing, instantly removed.

SafeRemoveEntityDelayed( Entity securitybars, 10 )

This broke it.

I’m pretty sure that that is not the entity name.
A space in an entity name? I don’t think so.

You need to pass an entity not an entity classname. Also that’s not how timer.Simple works. At all. And for future reference don’t just say it broke. Post code and post errors.

try this

timer.Simple( 10, function()
end )

SafeRemoveEntityDelayed( self, 10 )