Timed Thruster

Alright guys, so the title is exactly what i’m looking for.

I’ve searched facepunch along with google for quite some time seeking a timed thruster example or tutorial.

I’ve tried various tutorials involving timers and comparisons but I still cannot seem to get it right.

I’m attempting to create a spacebuild escape pod with a timed thruster, so it fires for the duration of the launch time, say 10 seconds, and then the thruster stops. (and or cannot reactivate for a certain time after it)

If anyone could shed some light on a way to go about this, or whip up a quick paint diagram of the necessary gates and connections, I would appreciate it very much.

Use an expression chip and the timer() function:

@inputs Button
@outputs ToThruster

    ToThruster = 1

    ToThruster = 0

Pressing Button activates the thruster, and a ten-second timer. When the timer triggers, the thruster is turned off.

thanks, i appreciate the info.