Timeout Disconnects

Continual timeout disconnects on official servers since experimental launched - f1 console states connection timeout disconnected, not eac because other eac games work fine, internet speed is 40mb and pingtest.net shows 0 packet loss. Ive tried everything I can think of, verify files, reinstall, closing all other apps, still having timeout disconnects, sometimes wont connect at all and states no response, any help would be greatly appreciated!

You mentioned the Official servers. Does the same issue happen when joining a community server?

Hi, thanks for a response here.

Some community servers work fine, the official ones and a few community always timeout.

Ive read this could be due to the server end not being updated but didn’t think that would make sense for the official servers

May be the case perhaps. Generally when the Client Server versions sides don’t match you wont be able to see the servers with the incompatible version in the list but there may be other fators that I am not aware of that could cause what you are experiencing.

IP connecting via the F1 console will connect but disconnect with an Incompatible exception before you even get into the game if that was the case though.

Maybe run a ping with a -t switch to the IP of the server you are having issues with, it will run the ping past the standard 4 it usually does and may show packet loss that isnt picked up on when you did your pingtest. Other than that not sure what to suggest!